St. Quinlan’s

I live around the corner from St. Quinlan’s music school — a massive Georgian building guarded by a blue vault-shaped wooden door. St. Quinlan’s prohibits the chewing of gum on the premises; is holding a Spring Recital in early May; is taking donations for said recital’s refreshments. There are black wrought iron fittings on the […]

Stats Relative

Weight The US: 95 lbs Japan: 43.2 kg Ireland: 6 stone 11 lbs Height The US: 4’11” Japan: 149.9 cm Ireland: 4’11” Shoe size: The US: 5 Japan: 22 Ireland: 3 Pants size: The US: 2 Japan: Large (!) Ireland: 8 Ethnicity: The US: Biracial; Hispanic and Italian Japan: Foreigner Ireland: American Guatemala: American Italy: […]

Two Women, One Bus

On the 15A into City Centre, two women are sitting together, chatting gaily. It’s a sunny day. The bus bumps over the Grand Canal, heads up Aungier Street, makes a right on Harcourt Road past The Bleeding Horse pub. Woman 1: … and then she took them down to Disneyworld in Florida, you know. Sure, […]


And now, after 5-and-a-half days of Aran Island craic, I’m back in Dublin:   Or more accurately, here:   A-CHOO. Sniff sniff sniff. HONK. Sniff sniff sniff. Cough. Cough. Cough. Really, there’s no better place to be. Trying to get over my flu and get my strength up for the next week, when the Bruce […]