Cadbury Creme Egg on My Face

Chocolatey, creamy, luscious: the Cadbury Creme Egg. Available in the United States for a only precious few weeks each pre-Easter season; gone as soon as the last church volunteer peels off his bunny suit. Wrapped in shiny red, yellow, and purple foil. Nibble off the top to reveal the sugary sweet creme inside; die of happiness. In the States, Cadbury Creme Egg commercials feature a plush white rabbit who clucks like a chicken but, thankfully, the egg laying is only implied. These little creme bombs are my very favorite chocolate confection, second only to Kinder Surprise eggs; the latter moving down the list a notch because their toys – once challenging 3-D puzzles of Disney characters – have worsened to stupid-arse stickers or toys a drunk penguin could put together. But Cadbury Creme Eggs? I clucking love them.

Amazeballs alert: In Ireland, Cadbury Creme Eggs are available from January to Easter. That’s 3, sometimes 4 whole months of Cadbury Creme Eggs; full-size and mini, spilling over store displays in every Spar, Centra, and Tesco. Picture my face upon learning this news. Now ask yourself, what happens when an already Cadbury Creme Egg-obsessed Yank has access to her very favorite precious chocolate jewels for 4 whole months? There’s my face again, covered in chocolate like a 3 year-old’s. Somehow, Cadbury Creme Eggs seem to magically leap into my shopping bag each time I head to the store. And just how many Cadbury Creme Eggs can said Cadbury Creme Egg-obsessed Yank eat in 4 months without getting sick of them? Hundreds, I tell you. Hundreds.

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5 Replies to “Cadbury Creme Egg on My Face”

  1. Yup, you sound pretty obsessed to me – now give me one of those toffee ones or the tiny chocolate ones with a pastel coloured candy shell…

    1. ieatmypigeon says: Reply

      Putting it mildly, Heather! 😀

  2. But after a few months, doesn’t all the creamy center kinda make your stomach churn?

    1. ieatmypigeon says: Reply

      So you would think! And yet ….

  3. I remember eating these in Canada. Every Easter I would swear never again! Now, I would die to find them in Korea.

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