Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To the Cave We Go

Ailwee Cave

The Ailwee Cave is an ancient cave located in the Burren region of Co.  Clare. We stopped there during a road trip last Wednesday. My parents, Diego, and Joy popped in while I took a time-out to get some work done on my mother’s laptop. This is what happens when I let my folks go to a tourist attraction on their own:

Tour guide: Does anybody have any questions?


Tour guide: Really? No questions?

Isa: Yes. What are those bones over there?

Tour guide: Bear bones.

Isa: Can we feed the bears?

Tour guide: No. Any other questions?

Diego: Do you leave these lights on all night?

Tour guide:  No. Anything else?

Roberto: What were the seven dwarves mining for?

Tour guide: Excuse me?

Roberto: You know. Which were the seven dwarves? Hompty, Dompty, Floffy ….


How I’ve I missed them.

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