Two Women, One Bus

On the 15A into City Centre, two women are sitting together, chatting gaily. It’s a sunny day. The bus bumps over the Grand Canal, heads up Aungier Street, makes a right on Harcourt Road past The Bleeding Horse pub.

Woman 1: … and then she took them down to Disneyworld in Florida, you know. Sure, they had a good time. But, you know, it’s all so different nowadays. I think our generation was best, I really do.

Woman 2: Dublin’s changed so very much.

Woman 1: Ah, it has. I was one of 11 children, you know. I was always given hand-me-down clothes and it never did me any harm.

Woman 2: To be sure it didn’t.

Woman 1: Seven girls, four boys.

Woman 2: Gracious.

Woman 1: I can’t remember any of us getting individual attention, but it didn’t do us any harm, you know what I mean?

Woman 2: I do. That’s a big family, a-right.

Woman 1: That it was. And we were so frugal; so very frugal. It was great.

The bus slows to a stop on Dawson Street.

Woman 2: Ah, that’ll be me.

Woman 1: Is it?

The woman getting off stands up; turns.

Woman 2: It was very nice to have met you. What’s your name now?

Woman 1: Sinéad.

Woman 2: Is it? Gracious! I’m Sinéad, too.

Sinéad: Take care now.

Sinéad: Thanks a million.

The bus doors swing shut; the bus heads towards Nassau Street.

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  1. Quaint, cute conversation…

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