The Type-A Chronicles: Part 2

Today’s lesson for 11 year-olds was spelling. Spell cat. Spell dog. Spell hippopotamus. Spell platypus. Spell your name. Spell Shunsuke’s name. Spell Keiko’s name. Spell my name. A ha!!!

I turned to my desk to pick up a sheaf of papers and when I turned back, I saw this on the whiteboard:

Shunsuke is hamusuta.

“Keiko,” I said. “No.”

I added the “a.”

Shunsuke is a hamusuta.

They always forget articles.

2 Replies to “The Type-A Chronicles: Part 2”

  1. none of us speak japanois, ribu.

  2. ieatmypigeon says: Reply

    Cheech – “hamusuta” is not Japanese; it’s how Keiko spelled “hamster.”

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