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Some pretty pictures from yesterday’s visit to The Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses in Osaka …. pb110090.jpg On the way in – Paradise of Kids!pb110102.jpg pb110106.jpg pb110112.jpg pb110118.jpg pb110130.jpgAll the world’s a stage ….

A lovely afternoon of solitary wandering amid the pretty leaves … I’m one of those people who feels slightly bummed when summer ends (even Beard Papa’s Flavors of the Month for September, October and November conspire against me – marron, pumpkin and something else that doesn’t sound good to me) so I like to think of fall leaves as nature’s consolation prize.


Yesterday, I sent a note to Carnitas (only in romaji because I haven’t figured out how to get Japanese characters on my Mac Baby yet):

Konban ore wa nikujaga ga hoshiikatta. Hyakuenyenya ni ikimashita te jaga ya ninjin ya negi nado o kaimashita demo niku de ha arimasendeshita! “Nemui” to imashita kara uchi ni kaerimashita. Tabun asatte ni wa nikujaga o tsukurimasu ….

Intended translation:

This evening I wanted nikujaga. I went to the 100 yen store and bought potatoes, carrots, etcetera but they didn’t have beef! I said, “I’m tired!” and therefore I went home. Maybe I will make nikujaga day after tomorrow ….

His assignment was to find as many mistakes as possible and report back to me. When I spoke to him this morning he was on his way out but was able to tell me that he hadn’t found that many mistakes – “maybe 3 or 4” – and a couple of them were spelling errors (100 yen store, for example, and, quite importantly, “said” – it needed an extra “i”. Leaving the extra “i” out of “iimashita” turns it into “imashita” – “existed (for living things)”. A clause error, a grammatical error … he didn’t have much time so I couldn’t ask him about the particle combination I used in my last sentence but I shall do so later. Overall, he said I was “doing very well, actually.” This made me happy.

But now, I see it’s raining – and I must head out to the next prefecture to teach rowdy children. I still haven’t gotten that umbrella holder for my bike …

Dang nabbit.

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