6 Replies to “Photo Friday: Cats and Roman Ruins”

  1. I really wonder about cats sometimes. I’m very allergic and they come out of the woodwork to be near me – and Roman ruins, apparently. But in this case the cats seem to belong in this parking lot more than the ruins.

    1. Margo – I used to love going to La Piazza Argentina in Rome when I was little, just to look at all the kitties. This photo was taken in the ancient part of the city where now Iive; I was inside a small piazza that had some houses attached to it and was bordered by those crumbled Roman tablets. As if on cue, the cats were there. You’d almost think they could read Latin the way they gravitate towards anything Roman. Maybe they like sleeping against the cool marble?

  2. Oh, those Roman cats! I have more photos of them — they are strays, but they sure know how to pose. 🙂

  3. I remember cats being everywhere in Italy. Lazing in the sun and looking down their noses as mere visitors…

  4. Rough life for those kitties, eh?

    1. They would be much happier if they came home with me!

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