Off the Wagon

So a few weeks ago, I wrote a love letter to farmers’ markets and butcher shops. Buy fresh, I raved. Kale and salmon and yams and curried quinoa. The next farmers’ market is just around the corner! Fresh artichokes and heirloom tomatoes will be mine! Etcetera.

And then, sometimes, Sean has 3 classes of number-shy teenagers to teach. And sometimes I’m writing 5000 words of my novel to present to workshop tomorrow. We leave work at nine p.m. and see each other on the bus home by chance. We’re both hungry and pooped. And Aprile chippers’ is right across the street. 

When we fall off the wagon, we fall off the wagon. Curry chips, a hamburger, fresh cod and chips. Wash it down with a can of Kilkenny Draught. Icebergers and Brunches for dessert. Pass the salt again. You can never have too much vinegar! Tomorrow’s a day away!

Ahhh. What a rush. I feel like just I’ve added 20 years to my life. 

This post has been brought to you by WanderFood Wednesday. 

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