Spelling Bee

“I’m bored.” I say. “Can we play a game?”

“Okay,” he says. “What do you want to play?”

“How about shiritori?”

“I don’t know; I’m off shiritori lately.”

“Really? But it’s so much fun.”


“How about another kind of spelling game then?”

“Oh, bollocks. You know I can’t spell. Why don’t you spell words I give you?”


“Irish words.”

“Playa, please.” 

“What? You said you were picking up bits and pieces of pronunciation through osmosis. Give it a try!”



“I know that word! That’s ‘street.’ S-R-A-I-D.”

“Where’s the fada?”

“Over the a.”

“Well done! Now spell a mhúinteoir.”

“Um ….”

“You know this phrase. Addressing the teacher, remember? Ma’s e do thoil a mhúinteoir …”

“A-V …”


“Ugh. B-H?”

“Try again.”



“A-M-H … U ….”

“U-fada. Go on.”

“M-H-U-fada …N.”



“Good. Continue.”

“M-H-U-I-N-T … O …”

“Wrong. Three vowels are next, and the first one isn’t ‘O’.”

“Let’s see if Glee is on.”

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