Eat Irish

My friends and family all want to know how the food is here in Ireland.

“How is it?” they ask. “How is it really?”

They want to know if I’m suffering, if I’m hiding in bed each morning, frozen by the thought of enduring yet another day of gray meat boiled without salt. Straight away, I tell them that Dublin is a cosmopolitan city. Just like New York, I can get any kind of food I want. Well, almost like New York … well, almost any kind of food … but I’m definitely not hurting for choice and flavor. There’s Jo Burger in Rathmines – a gourmet burger restaurant that serves monstrous organic lamb, beef, or vegan chickpea patties on potato buns. There’s Fafie’s crepe cafe. There’s Carluccio’s, where every single salad, foccaccia, and sandwich on the menu is ecstasy-inducing. 

“Yes, yes,” say my friends. “But how’s the Irish food?”

This is what I tell them:

Full Irish Breakfast: beans, eggs, tomatoes, rashers, tasty black and white pudding. 

Mussels alive alive-o; stewed in cream, topped with lemon, and served with Irish Soda Bread

Dublin’s own.

Crispy battered fish and chips, flavored with malt vinegar and served with savory mushy peas

Fragrant mulled wine from Bewley’s Cafe on Grafton Street

“The Irish food is awesome,” I say. “Why do you ask?” 

This post has been brought to you by WanderFood Wednesday. 

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  1. I LOVE the bread. I wanted to take loaves of it home with me. But my suitcase was already overflowing.

    1. Maybe I can help with this ….

  2. Damn! I’m hungry now. And thirsty.

    1. Ha! My friend noticed that 2 out of the 5 pictures are drink … it’s not a statement, I just haven’t taken enough pictures of the delicious things I’ve been eating. Not pictured: shepherd’s pie and Irish cheddar. WOO!

  3. wow, you made me hungry!! thanks for sharing these -looks like you’re eating well!

  4. Somehow I don’t think you’re starving.

    But, REALLY, how IS the food 🙂

  5. Indeed. Irish food (and drink) is awesome!

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