The Swans Are Back in Town

The Big Chill of 2010 appears to be over, and I am very pleased to announce that the swans are back in the Canal. 

Not quite ready for their close up. 

Ah, Jaysus, I hate the human-razzi. 

I never really bird-watched before I moved to Ireland. I suppose I took the thick bird life for granted while I was growing up on Florida’s Gulf Coast, where egrets stalk across the high way. Then, in New York and Osaka … well, if you’ve eaten one pigeon, you’ve eaten ’em all. Birds seem different here in Dublin. Maybe I’m older now and finally enjoy the smell of roses but something about these Irish birds … especially the magpies. Especially the swans. Boy, I could just watch the swans all day


The embodiment of beauty, power, and grace. Welcome back, fellas.

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  1. The sad thing is I only notice the birds when I’m at a tourist attraction. Weeki Wachee “OMG A BIRD!”
    There are peacocks, honest to god peacocks, at my friend’s apartment complex in Tampa. She chases them out of the road with a broom.

    1. My friend got married at Weeki Wachee a few years back; I didn’t notice the birds then, either. Just the mermaids! The glorious, glorious mermaids ….

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