Marco … Momo ….

Overheard while walking through my neighborhood on this bright, clear winter day; a blissful, singsong conversation between a small, pig-tailed girl in a bike basket and her young, giddy mother as they rode down the street.

Mama-san: Momo!

Momo: Naniiiiiiiii?

Mama-san: Momo-chan!

Momo: Naniiiiiii?

Mama-san: Momo!

Momo: Naniiiiiiii?

And the happy pair continued to chant, as though they were the only two people on the planet, until they passed out of earshot.

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  1. nani?!?

  2. seminascosto says: Reply


  3. *blinks* That’s almost exactly the script of every other conversation I have with my mom. And she wonders why I don’t call very often 😀 *horrible daughter* It was probably much cuter when I could fit in bike baskets.

  4. Naniiiiii?

  5. That little story made me very happy for some reason.

    So was the kid in on the joke – singing her response to her mom or was she really wondering why her mama was saying her name?

    I think the first, but just checking so I can complete the image in my head. Second question is how old were they both? And what time of day? Weather? Were they riding in the same direction as you or the opposite? I sound like an editor, but I really just want to know.

  6. seminascosto says: Reply

    Stan – it’s my pleasure. I wrote that piece at 4:35 in the morning (couldn’t sleep) so I probably could have been more descriptive.

    The kid was in on the joke. She was a little thing – maybe 2 or 3. With pigtails and a pink puff jacket.

    Late afternoon. Sunny winter day.

    The mother was cute, too – young, seemingly hip. They both sounded really lighthearted and silly. It was really a lovely moment between mother and daughter that I was happy to have caught.

  7. Man, that is so nice! Thank you!

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