You Might Be a Foreigner in Japan If …

… the train conductor asks you, but not the many other cell phone users in the train car, to stop texting.

Okay, that was harsh. Is it just me and my friends, folks?

4 Replies to “You Might Be a Foreigner in Japan If …”

  1. You can’t text on trains? I never encountered that…

  2. seminascosto says: Reply

    Yeah, you’re supposed to turn your keitais off when you’re sitting in the priority seats. Something about potentially causing heart attacks for people who have pacemakers. Most of the time people just ignore the signs and text away and then the train marshall get to fulfill his one real duty of telling people to stop using their phones. My friends and I notice that if there are 5 people in the train car using their phones around the priority seat, we’re the ones who get busted.

  3. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

  4. Oooh right. I think I only ever saw a conductor like three times ever. But the Japanese blatantly only bust foreigners for breaking the rules. Like the biking with an umbrella/while texting/eating. We saw Japanese people doing that ALL THE TIME but never dared to follow suit.

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