Freshly Tweezed

This week, I lost my tweezers and after 3 days of stubbornly refusing to buy a new pair, I had no choice but to relent. I grabbed a pair at Kokumin drugstore while waiting for my train and since I was in a rush, didn’t bother to examine my purchase. The only thing I noticed before I paid my 320 yen was that they had especially wide, square tips that curved towards each other, as if to meet in a kiss. Most tweezers are angled, to allow for better precision. Naturally, I had my doubts.

Later, I opened the box and realized why my new tweezers were so oddly shaped:


Oh, they’re underarm tweezers. Of course. I should have known.

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  1. At least it’s a REALLY CUTE, albeit odd, picture ^_^

  2. Yes, my friend from the Phillipines does not shave she uses tweezers.

    Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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