Not Milk

… so today, in my class of 2 year-olds, Masa was captivated by my purple nail polish, 1 and a half year-old Minna led me by the hand to the classroom, and Mia kicked off everyone’s new favorite game: “Stand Behind Liv.”  Somehow, though, the January 23, 2009 moment I will remember most vividly is the moment Kazuya plowed his mouth onto my left udder when I held up the flash card for “cow.” Guess I’m funny that way. 

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Kazuya has made a beeline for my bosoms before. He usually goes for them twice. The reaction from his mother: 15 seconds of mortified laughter that give way to 1 stronghold. The strongholds usually last a total of 10 seconds. Kazuya is 3 years old. What is the maximum age Kazuya will be when such behavior no longer makes his mother (and the other women in the room) laugh? 
  2. Which is most impressive: (a) Kazuya’s recognition of a barnyard animal and the recitation of its name in English (b) Kazuya’s knowledge of which part of the female body produces milk (c) Kazuya’s “take charge” attitude or (d) Kazuya’s early inclination towards high quality women? 
  3. Emulate Kazuya and create an equation using the variables c (=cow), m (=milk), mm (=mother), and L (=Liv). 

You may work in pairs.

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  1. I blame Kazuya’s mother for the fact that 50 year old Japanese men don’t know how to act in the presence of breasts.

  2. Aww and you were so looking forward to them too.

  3. Expat on the go says: Reply

    Totally normal, for some. My son, did not throw himself at me, but ‘fondled’ my breasts for the longest time (until he was about 4 or 5). Obviously, laughing is not the right reaction.
    Boundaries need to be taught – a “No!” with a strict tone will set him straight (no pun intended!).

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