Times have changed; I’ve been in Japan for over a year now which means I’ve finally been accepted into Japanese society (!!!) … at least when it comes to the cost of living. As an expatriate, my first year in Japan had been a blissfully inexpensive one, especially compared to my life in New York […]

And While I’m Being Honest ….

,,, I was actually pretty relieved that our apartment didn’t come with a tatami room because, to me, tatami smells like pet store. Speaking of the apartment, the no natural light issue is really becoming insufferable. Due to being shrouded in either catacomb-like darkness or piercing florescent office light, I haven’t had a good night’s […]

Kodak Moments

At least once every few years while I was growing up, my parents, brother and I visited my father’s family in Guatemala City. These were always highly anticipated visits; from the instant the rolling green mountains swam into view from the plane window and we lugged our luggage into the great, cedar-fragrant Colliseum-shaped arrivals area […]