F is for ….

A true story, ripped from the classroom. I give you, my 8 year old genius students’ responses to the question, “What begins with ‘F’?”

Fish (thank you, Seira)

Flower (very good, Koki)

Friday (excellent, Ryu!)


Face of drunk (courtesy of a beaming Reisuke)

Face of drunk. Obviously. A is for Apple, B is for Bee, C is for Cat, D is for Deadbeat Dad, E is for Elephantitis and F is, naturally, for Face of Drunk.

Things that make you go, “ehhhhhhhhhhhhh???????”

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  1. Kids are some of the funniest people on the planet. I dare anyone not to crack a smile when a kid gets going.

  2. ieatmypigeon says: Reply

    Erin, for me it was more like trying not to bust a gut. Face of drunk!

  3. Just that an 8 year old came up with that is great. One time a kindegartner told me “sexy is when a girl shakes her booty in your face.”

    Say what??

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