Photo Friday: Side streets of an Antique Roman City

There’s the beach, there’s the boardwalk; there’s the centro, there’s the plaza. And then there’s the antique city. It’s the high city, up in the mountains, above the discotheques and pizzerias. Houses and towers and churches and temples thousands of years old. That’s Italy for you – casual antiquity.

And the churches are lovely. And the piazza is giant, the lights glowing yellow against the marble. And Roman pillars stick up out of ruins, corded off by city officials. But me? Don’t play coy – you should know what I want by now. I want the side streets.

Add a Fiat 500 and I’m like a pig in dirt.

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3 Replies to “Photo Friday: Side streets of an Antique Roman City”

  1. I love these streetscapes. I’ve yet to visit Italy, but when I do, these little hidden side streets would be where I would want to visit!

    1. I’m glad you liked them – I have so much fun hunting them down! Europe is really the place for the best side streets….

  2. This pictures are excellent! They remind me a lot of Old City Damascus. There’s an interesting mix of old and new and there’s always a rusty little car trying to squeeze down tiny, winding side streets.

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