In a New York State of Mind

Dinner with Diego at Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village. Four arepas – the Playera (white fish with onions, peppers, and herbs), the Guasacaca (guacamole with paisa cheese), the De Pabellón (beef, black beans, white salty cheese and plantains), and the Los Muchachos (chorizo, spicy white cheese, jalapeños and peppers). Pacifico beer for him, Negra Modelo for me. We’re digging in. The arepas are crunchy. The chorizo is succulent. The guac is everywhere.

Diego: So what do you want to eat for dinner tomorrow?

E: Not sure.

Diego: Man, we’re talking about tomorrow’s dinner while we’re eating tonight’s dinner. What kind of a**holes are we?

E: The best kind.

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  1. Two of you ate ALL that food?

    1. ieatmypigeon says: Reply

      We sure did. We don’t mess around.

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