In the Heat of the Moment

So my camera’s broken. Dead. Kaput. No return. My third arm as a travel blogger – gone. And it’s all my own stupid fault.

Goodbye, old friend.

Picture it: Düsseldorf, 2010. American girl tries to balance her camera upright on a shaky wooden table in an attempt to perform a feat of self-timer derring do. It was a maneuver she’d performed countless times before, so what could possibly go wrong? Yeah; rickety wooden table, hastily balanced machinery, and a cobblestone street. I just wonder what.

The last thing it ever saw

It’s been about three weeks now since the camera broke. My upcoming Three Five States in One Month Visit Home Clown Show* has put a crimp in my finances so I’ve put off getting a new machine for a little while. Me without my camera; if you know me, you’ll see the flaw in that sentence. And, yes, my hands itch when the bus bumps over the Grand Canal, when I pass the Ha’penny Bridge, or when a family of swans waddles into the pond at St. Stephen’s Green. I think about my remaining time in Dublin and the sights I want to remember – what it’s like to walk through the centuries-old portals of college or peer down a newly discovered side street. And what if I should run into Craig Doyle, Simon LeBon, or John Taylor while I’m on the 128 bus? With no camera? IT COULD HAPPEN.

*(nervous to fly, much?)

But I’ll tell you something. Being camera-free for this short period has been strangely liberating. I now focus on memorizing the things I see instead of relying on my camera to do it for me, and as such, I’m actually in the moment. For the first time since arriving in Dublin, I feel like part of things, like a resident instead of a traveler. Or could that be because I’m finally making friends – getting dinner in Rathmines, visiting the beach at Sandymount, attending poetry readings, grabbing drinks?

Whatever it is, I’m glad it’s happening, even if a little late in the game. But that’s just the way, I suppose. I should know how it goes by now.

Anyway. On to the Clown Show.

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