The Poet

It’s Trinity Ball Night. That means Trinners students get to dust the cinders off their jeans and hop into a pumpkin for a memory-making night of music, drink, and elegant dress fun. Walking through College Green this evening, weaving through the six pack-clutching, tuxedo-clad Trinity Ball attendees, I stopped short when I saw this:

If you have the time, then please read my poem/To hear what it’s like to lose one’s home.

Poet: Are you finished with photo?

Me: Yes. I’m sorry. Here.

Poet: Is okay. And thank you for your help.

I walked on, but when I looked back, the poet was lashing a bottle of water over his work. And within minutes, both the words and the poet were gone.

This post has been brought to you by Delicious Baby Photo Friday.

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