Signs of Irish Spring

Rain, rain, rain, and now this:

Apple blossoms on campus, daffodils in the park. Can’t stop myself from buying even more greenery from the flower stands on Camden Street; more daffodils and even small potted blooms in yellow, white, and fuchsia to line my windowsill. And carrots. And yams. And then the freshly-mended coat comes off because it’s suddenly roasting outside; the sun beating down on the sidewalk. And then into the artisan food shop across from the fruit, veg, and flower stand to score 100 grams of salami. And a package of spinach and ricotta tortellini. And a small tub of spiced green olives.

The swans are floating on the Grand Canal, the trees are blooming in the Green, and the birds are singing, even after dark. The sunlight is like a hug. It feels like spring, it feels like the coming of something better. At least until the next rain storm.

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  1. Rain makes nature’s colours more vibrant, doesn’t it!

  2. Lovely! Daffs and tulips are blooming in my yard as well but are not quite as prolific as these.

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