The Thai-point of a Rainy Dublin Day

It’s late February in Dublin. The days are sometimes sunny, sometimes grey and wet. On days of the grey/wet variety I get the most out of my Dublin Bus Rambler Pass. I stare out the slick windows, at the lights, the raindrops, the people, the damp borders of the Green. 

My body is here:


But my head is here:

A Thai beach – now that’s more like it. Ao Lang. Just a few hops away from my bungalow. I was there three years ago; I can’t believe it. Jostling on a packed city bus, it seems like another life. 

Go for a dip? Don’t mind if I do. Let me just sweat off this bellyful of green curry and coconut milk ….

Cresting the waves of Poda Beach; turquoise water warm as soup.

… and that’s what I’m thinking about while I’m riding the bus home in the Dublin rain.

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  1. The pictures are dreamier than the video but I like them both. The Dublin rain and slick streets also have a dreary appeal. I meet more people and find more opportunities to make friends in the rain than just about anywhere else.

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