Things I Am Allowed to Say*

*according to Sean

  • Give out – as in, “Sean gave out to me for yesterday’s blog post.”
  • After – as in, “Sean’s after coming home from work.”
  • Well – as in, “I’m doing well today – not good, because if I were doing ‘good,’ I’d be Wonderwoman.”
  • Biscuit – as in, “This hard thing that looks, tastes, and smells like a cookie is actually called a ‘biscuit.'”
  • Rubbish – as in, “That which I would normally call ‘the garbage’ is now known as ‘the rubbish.'”
  • Chips – as in, “These fried potato sticks we eat after a night down the pub are called ‘chips,’ not ‘French fries.'”

Sure, you’ve twigged what I’m on about by now.

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