Christmas Crackers

I read a story written by one of my lecturers recently. It was about a family Christmas and in it, the mother bought two kinds of Christmas crackers – ones for the adults and ones for the kids. I was confused. Why would the kids need a different kind of cracker – were the adult ones made with crack instead of baking powder? Sean to the rescue: Christmas crackers are twists of shiny paper filled with a prize, so named because of the “crack” they make when opened. Two people grab either end and pull until the thing pops; the one who gets the larger end gets the gift inside. How fun. How insidious. They’re deemed Class One Explosives by the Anpost (Irish postal service). Terrorism, like. Explosions. Obviously. They couldn’t go in the holiday package.

Oh, well. It’s not as though there weren’t plenty of other things to buy. The nice thing about living abroad is that holiday gifts are simple to choose; just raid the local trad goods shops and you’re set. This year, Aran jumpers, Butler’s chocolates, and Fair Isles socks for the whole family. Should help them deal with that cray-cray New York blizzard.

File:Green Aran Sweater.JPG

Snow flurries in Dublin, holiday shopping madness on Grafton Street, mince pies sold everywhere, and apparently I can drink quite a lot of hot port without getting drunk.

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  1. Ah, you never played with Christmas crackers at home? They’re a staple in our family. It isn’t Christmas without some class-one explosives.

    I’m still wondering why the kids and the adults needed different ones, though.

    1. I looked them up on wikipedia and apparently they’re not popular in the United States, where I’m from. They sound fun, though! And in the story, the kids got ones with, I guess, kiddie prizes and the adults got ones with more refined goodies inside.

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