Your 84-Word Mini Berlin Culture Lesson

There is an extensive railway system – underground U-bahns and rapid transit S-bahns. You buy a ticket to ride at a machine near the entrance of the station, and then you take the ticket to another machine on the train tracks to validate it. 
There are no barricades between the ticket machine and the validation machine. There are also no barricades between the validation machine and the train itself. Officials rarely come to check to see if tickets have been validated. 
That’s all I’m going to say about that. 

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  1. you forgot the crap you step into while walking from one machine to the other. and they do check on you quite frequently, I got busted 3 times during 4 months, which can be enough to get summoned in front of a court. but I cried, so they let me off the hook

    1. That sucks, megafutzi! Glad you got off the hook, though. My friend and his mother have never been busted; maybe they get lucky because they don’t look like locals?

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