Card Cake

Sean’s mother: Bring some of the chocolate cake on the train with you. It’s a long ride back up to Dublin.

Liv: Oh, I’m fine. Thank you!

Sean’s mother: Ah, go on, sure. 

Sean: Yeah, go on. Bring some cake witcha. 

Sean’s brother: Do you want some cards to bring with you on the trip?

Liv: Oh, I don’t know. Do carrots really go with cake?


Shopkeeper: Are you all right, there?

Liv: Yeah, I’m fine. Why? 


Sean to his mother on the phone: Grand, grand. Liv’s grand, too, but she’s just after giving out to me.

Liv: Oh my god! What! What! What? What are you telling your mom?

Sean: Settle down, will ya? I’m after telling her how you yelled at me for not taking out the rubbish. 


Sean: Well, what did you think of my friend, Bill?

Liv: He was nice.

Sean: You didn’t understand a word he was saying, did you? That’s a real Cork accent he has there, b’hoy.

Liv: Not … a … word. 



2 Replies to “Card Cake”

  1. *amused* I make these kinds of errors in my day-to-day American English speak. I… think there might be something undetectable that is wrong with my ears 😛
    And holy new layout batman! I likes 😀

  2. Thanks! I changed it so that the layout didn’t cut off the edges of the photos I upload. Blue and brown are my favorite 🙂

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