Un-Turkey Day

Thanksgiving in Japan, 2008:  The equipment: Two gas burners, one toaster oven, one microwave, no kitchen counter. The menu: Pan-roasted chicken, Maggie’s World Famous stuffing, mashed potatoes, canned corn, green bean casserole, gravy, dried cranberries, Mon Frere red wine. The Veuve Cliquot Champagne was a congratulatory gift from Nakata-san after Obama was elected.  Thanksgiving in […]

Buy Me, You Fool

In these days of economic crisis, I see signs like this in all the shops. Buy Me, I’m Irish. Irish grown. Support Irish industries. P.S. – We’re Irish. Hey, Mr. Cowen!, emblazoned on a Burger King Recession Special bus stop ad. Some of the stores even list Irish-made products separately on receipts so buyers can […]

Card Cake

Sean’s mother: Bring some of the chocolate cake on the train with you. It’s a long ride back up to Dublin. Liv: Oh, I’m fine. Thank you! Sean’s mother: Ah, go on, sure.  Sean: Yeah, go on. Bring some cake witcha.  Sean’s brother: Do you want some cards to bring with you on the trip? Liv: Oh, […]