Rain Rain Rain

Eva: So every weather report I see for Dublin is rain, rain, rain. I guess I should buy some woolens and a pair of wellies for when I move!

Sean: Wellies? Oh my lord. Wear normal shoes. No one wears rain boots; you must be joking me.

Eva: You don’t wear wellies?

Sean: I haven’t worn wellies since I was eight years old.

Eva: But why, if it’s so rainy?

Sean: Because I became a big boy!

Eva: But I thought people might wear rubber boots because of the constant rain. Don’t people wear rain boots? They wear them here sometimes! Wellies! Wellies!

Sean: Oh, Eva. You and your precious American ideas.

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  2. I wear rain boots! You are not alone! Solidarity!!

  3. expat on the go says: Reply

    I’d would wear rain boots also – you can get some really nice looking ones now-a-days! Hey! They wear them in Paris, why not Dublin?

  4. ieatmypigeon says: Reply

    That’s exactly what I think. Why not? Why do I want to have wet sneakers that haven’t dried out by the next rain? RUBBER BOOTS.

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