Your 213-Word Mini Malaysian Culture Lesson

As in Japan, Malaysian moviegoers must choose their seats before committing to buying their tickets. The cashier shows you a seating grid and you choose. Unlike Japan, a movie ticket costs just 9 ringgit; about 3 US dollars. Because Sean has never heard of it, I am able to convince him to watch He’s Just Not That Into You with me. I just watch relationship movies for the clothes and hair, folks. The clothes and the hair. Sean convinces me to load up on snacks – unthinkable luxuries in either Japan or the US. We order caramel popcorn, chicken nuggets, Coke, lemon iced tea, and mashed potatoes. Our snacks cash in at 2 dollars each.

The movie has both Bahasa Malay and Chinese subtitles. The f-bombs have been edited out and at the crucial moments, the film warps the tiniest bit to cover the offensive words. HJNTIY is classified as “Over 18” even though there are only suggestions of sex; i half wonder which is more offensive, the sexual suggestions or the presence of alcohol? Sean is horrified once he discovers Jennifer Aniston is starring in the film but laughs his head off the entire time. When the film is over, he complains that it was “rubbish.” It kind of was – but at least we didn’t have to pay 1800 yen to see it.

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  1. You got mashed potatoes at a movie theater?? That’s so excellent!

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