Karaoke Hangover

We’re having bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch from my mother’s recent care package and talking about last night’s Mexican food and karaoke.

Sean: You do realize you paid for everyone’s karaoke last night, don’t you?

Eva: I did? Wait.

Sean: That was 4000 yen!

Eva: I did pay for everyone, didn’t I?

Sean: Why did you do that? You have no idea what you did, do you?

Eva: I’m not sure. I was pretty drunk. But, really, what is this custom where a person throws a party and expects her friends to pay for it? I’ve never liked that.

Sean: Hmm.

Eva: But like I said, I was pretty drunk. What did I have – a glass of sangria and 3 lime chu his?

Sean: Something like that.

{both, slurping their cereal}

Sean: You really were langers last night.

Eva: Okay, okay.

Sean: Paying for the karaoke … and do you remember what else you did? Screaming at that fecker in the conbini who was staring at us? Swearing like a right hooligan, you were!

Eva: Sean? That was you.

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  1. Expat on the go says: Reply

    You’re young and single HAVE FUN!!!!
    When the children come, those nights will be – over 😉

  2. seminascosto says: Reply

    *spitting milk onto the screen* Children? What children? Whose children?

  3. Girl it sounds hilarious!

  4. Whoa. I thought Sean was near death’s door. Quite the recovery 🙂

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