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  1. Every. Time. Lara and I go out to eat, we have this discussion. ^_^

  2. Well maybe when the service stops being so mediocre I’ll stop complaining about it.

  3. You ladies should have seen Sean when we were in America. He just could not believe it. When my brother told him that New Yorkers usually tip about 25% he wigged. Every time we took him to a restaurant he would start: “That guy didn’t smile enough. That’s 1% off.” or “He was quite rude, wasn’t he? And look – this knife is dirty. No tip!” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in America. Maybe it should.

  4. I would definitely be that bad, except that most of my friends start telling me I’m a bad person for not wanting to tip 🙁

  5. The system is flawed. Definitely. But man, nothing was better than getting HORRIBLE service because we appeared to be lesbians. That was excellent. times. And Sean’s way is a little too systematic; it’s all about the feel 😛

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