Adult Spice


This is the new flavor of Pringles I saw in the conbini the other day. Night Club, you say? Intriguing. I’ve always wanted a potato chip that tastes like cigarette smoke, tequila and desperation. How nice of the Japanese Pringles sector to predict my needs.

Alas, friends. As I soon discovered, popping the top reveals that Night Club Pringles are just regular Pringles scattered with black pepper. A peek at the ad copy below the flavor’s name (which I’d been too charged up by the thought of roofie-flavored chips to read) tells me that black pepper is an “adult spice.” Oh, well, of course. Now it all makes perfect sense.

Black pepper = woah: too spicy for children = an adults only snack which needs an exclusively adult name.

Hostess Bar? No, not Hostess Bar. Love Hotel? No, not quite right …

Night Club? Night Club.


2 Replies to “Adult Spice”

  1. haha, that ish is hilarious!

  2. It cracked me up, too! The conbini is always a wonderland of delight.

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