Conbini Lunch

Sometimes, when you’re rooting around for the day’s lunch in the conbini next to school, the choice is immediately clear:

Note the Southeast Asia on a Shoestring guidebook in my lunch tableau. Plans are a-stirring.

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  1. Imagine my surprise when I first got to Nagoya and saw, in the conbini, water that’s bottled about an hour away from the small town where I live in California. The Crystal Geyser label is the same in both places.

    I’m enjoying your blog quite a bit!

  2. That looks tasty, and free of milk products. I have been told that I am allergic to milk protein now. Try getting around that one when you worship icecream and yogurt.

    Or eat anything in the States.

  3. … and you would rather eat dirt than soy yogurt or soy icecream.

    I could go on all day.

  4. Kim, that sucks! Last year I was convinced I was allergic to gluten and dairy (don’t ask) so I started a gluten-and-dairy free diet. Talk about a pain in the neck … luckily I wasn’t allergic to any of those things but the 2 months I wasn’t sure were just miserable. You’re lucky to live in the States because lactose and casein intolerances are well noted and catered to. It might be different where you live, but in the bigger cities the options for vegans, celiacs and lactose/casein allergy sufferers are great so check out the web for some products you can try. Quite honestly, a lot of the soy dairy substitutes are really good! Still, I know it’s a huge bummer …

  5. I went to my holistic doctor today (I only go sparingly because backwards Western culture doesn’t pay for it on insurance) and found out that there may be a cure for my casein/whey allergy. According to Dr. Brownstein in West Bloomfield, Michigan – there is a treatment called NAET that deals with energy somehow (I wasn’t listening, I always Google later). I’m finding a ton of info on it on the Netz.

    Anyway, I was the one who brought it up (thought maybe I read something about a cure?). He told me that he does indeed have a NAET doctor at his practice, and I am very excited to try it.

    Dr. Brownstein didn’t push it on me at all, and said that if I am open to it, he has seen a very high success rate in NAET curing milk allergy (apparently milk allergy is the easiest to cure).

    Right now it sounds like alot of “mumbo jumbo” to me but I am starting to warm up to the idea, especially when a doctor I trust tells me he has seen a high success rate himself, on paper in black and white.

    Not to mention, I will try anything that will let me eat Dairy Queen again 😉 (I say that, but I know that eating soy is really healthier than ingesting cow’s milk and it’s sortof barbaric if you think about it).

  6. laos! you must go to laos! will you?

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