Your 183-Word Mini Japanese Culture Lesson

Britain isn’t the only nation to enjoy flavors of the month; Japanese chain restaurants, too, are extremely fond of offering “limited time only” menu selections in honor of the new month or the new season. Colorful posters bearing the images of the offering will be splashed across the restaurant’s windows from the first of the month, and as the month progresses, the pressure is on to sample KFC’s Yuzu Chicken, CocoIchibanya Curry’s Fried Oyster Curry, McD’s Royal Milk Tea McFlurry, or Beard Papa’s Pumpkin Cream Puff. It’s a clever marketing ploy to be sure, and some suspect it ties in with the Shinto compulsion for constant renewal. Most, however, when asked why Japanese chain restaurants continually offer “一月限定” menu selections, will simply reply, “Japanese like new things.” Other wealthier Japanese consumers note that these monthly offerings are limited to fast food restaurants – “for ordinary people who eat McDonald’s every day” – and as such will never enjoy the wonders of a July White Peach Beard Papa Cream Puff. This October, the McRib has come to Japan and woe to those who don’t experience its awesomeness.

3 Replies to “Your 183-Word Mini Japanese Culture Lesson”

  1. That’s really interesting! Thanks for the mini-Japanese lesson!

  2. Ook, I think I messed up my reply. I meant to say, thanks for the mini Japanese lesson! That was really interesting.

  3. My husband loves that about Japan! Coincidentally, we were driving through an obscure town in Washington last year and he found a McD’s still selling McRibs–a delicacy I thought only existed in fairy tales and early translations of the bible. The fairy tale was kind of ruined when I realized that there is nothing ribby about a McRib.

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