To the Side

Miho always comes to class ready to get her sass on. Today she arrived slightly late and extra sassy, her ramped up feistiness announced first by her sideways dimpled smirk and then by her fierce side ponytail.

The three other girls were also late to class, so only Miho, Aya and myself were in the classroom at the start of the lesson. Today’s learning: names of jungle animals.

Miho was keen to notice the absence of the other girls. “Only two people!” she babbled to Aya, as though I didn’t count. “Just two.”

“Ahem, Miho,” I said, pointing to my nose. “Three. Three people.”

Miho’s side ponytail immediately sprang straight out, like an exclamation point.

“What!?” she shouted. “You’re not my friend!”

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  1. That is SO funny. I wish I could see these kids’ faces. How old are they? 6/7?

  2. Hi, Stan! This particular bunch of kids is 5. They are super cute in their little Crocs – it helps me forgive them when they say nonsense like I’m not their friend. Of course I’m their friend. I mean … it’s obvious.

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