You Are Jealous of My Lunch

From the sushi stand on the corner near work; rolled within seconds by a gruff sushi master and wrapped lovingly by a woman I would love to assume is his wife, so seamless is their teamwork ….

I knew you were jealous.

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  1. I am jealous. We had sushi while I was in Morioka. But it was so soon after meeting the folks that I couldn’t really quietly enjoy the sushi though it was very tasty.

  2. Hi, Stan! It really is beautiful, isn’t it? I’m really glad you enjoyed your time here and that it went well meeting your girlfriend’s parents! On the subject of sushi, were you a little disappointed to find that the colorful and creative rolls are more of an American thing? I’d looked forward to having all sorts of mad combinations but soon discovered that authentic sushi is more about fish and rice and the rolls are an option, not a fixture. Not that I’m complaining – tuna rolls like the one in the picture is my absolute favorite sushi of all time and as long as I can get my lovely slabs of octopus sashimi, I’m a happy little monkey.

  3. Hi, Liv. My girlfriend must have alerted me since I wasn’t suprised. She sometimes surprises me by asking “Can you eat raw fish?” despite the fact that she’s seen me eat sushi a billion times. I look at her like she’s insane. Sometimes the Japanese think that things Japanese are so unique and rare that they can’t possibly be understood by “outsiders.” Sometimes I tease her and say, “The next thing you’re gonna ask me is if we have the sky in America they way in Japan.” I like the variety of sushi including the rolls and traditional sushi too. My girlfriends like the rolls too though I sometimes suspect she thinks of rolls as not authentic sushi.

  4. Yes I am very jealous of your lunch (and I bet your thyroid is in excellent working order with all the kelp). However, I like mine “inside out”, meaning with the kelp on the inside – not wrapped around the outside like that.

    We are on an eel kick right now 🙂

  5. I can’t help but wonder if they take wasabi and squish it up in soy and dip their sushi, like we do here.

    But we put mayonnaise on our hamburgers here in Michigan so what do I know!

  6. Stan – many Japanese think that Westerners won’t eat raw fish; it’s a cultural perception they have, just like we can’t shake the notion that they’re polite and respect their elders. And Me – I like to think my thyroid is in tip top order! They do tend to put wasabi in their soy sauce and ever since they discovered mayonnaise after WWII, it. is. in. EVERYTHING. My worst nightmare. Give me raw fish over mayo any day …..

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