deer blocking

In honor of the first day of our 3 day weekend (hooray, National holiday!), my neighbors and I took a day trip to Nara, famous for its temples, giant Buddha and free-roaming deer! Twas most lovely.

We headed off, Bob, Sean and I. There had been a 300 yen bar the night before, somewhere between Sakiio and Kondoa. In short: I am stupid. What I remember, apart from being carted home by Bob and Sean, was one of our conversations. We – Americans, Canadians, Englishmen, Australians, Irishmen – discussed the etymology of the lovely American colloquialism “cockblocking.” There were no real conclusions.

“Your accents are driving me crazy!” I screamed, drunk, the edamame I’d eaten doing nothing to soak up the vodka tonics. Like I said – I am stupid.

Nara is beautiful. Shaking off my hangover, I dashed after deer, seeing Heifer in their furry faces. Bob and Sean, mortified, watched warily from afar.

In honor of the previous evening and our lovely day together, I coined a new term – deer blocking.

Deer Block, verb. When one attempts to feed a deer and another person swoops in to feed the deer themselves, thus drawing said deer’s attention away from the previously mentioned one.

“I bought some food to feed the deer and I started to get one of them to like me but then this woman came up behind me and started feeding the deer herself. She just totally deer blocked me!”

So it was.



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