What People Are Saying

Sometimes people have nothing better to do so they talk about me. This is what they say:

Traveling Greener: 10 Expat Blogs You’ll Love. February 2013. 

The New York Times “Dining & Wine”. What We’re Reading. October 18, 2012.

Matador Network: 20 Awesome Expat Blogs. November 2010.

Mike’s Ryuku Gallery: Wildlife Photos: Pigeons in Flight + a Girl Named I Eat My Pigeon. December 2010.

Phil in ______: 10 Travel Blogs That Will Change Your Life (and Thank God For That, Because Your Life Was Pretty Lame). January 5, 2011.

Food Travel Bliss: Travel Blogs.

Ephemera and Detritus: A Totally Impractical Expat Interview. May 2011.

Lonely Girl Travels. Gaeta, Inbetween-itis, and Why I Love a Beach Town in October. October 2011.

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