Your Hiberno-English Word For the Day

Today’s secret word is eejit. Its meaning will be pretty self-evident to any English speaker, but let’s see how it works. American-English: Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, idiot. Hiberno-English: God, Jedward are a pair of awful eejits, aren’t they? Eejit: a word to be uttered with equal measures of passion and disgust. Just look […]

Your Hiberno-English Word of the Day

Today’s secret word is gorgeous. Let’s see how it works. American-English: That sweater you got from KMart is pretty cute. Hiberno-English: That jumper you’re after buying from Dunnes is just gorgeous! Got it? Cute/pleasing = gorgeous. That goes for budget clothes, people, objects, and behavior. I can be gorgeous if I feel like it, just […]

How to Play With Your Friend’s Child When You Don’t Speak the Same Language

Bring a gift. I don’t know. Candy. A video game; how much do they cost these days? A stuffed animal – perhaps a small white lamb with an orange-and-green scarf around its neck and a four leaf clover stamped on its ear. ‘Cause lambs are symbols of Ireland, you know. Where daddy’s former host sister […]