The Best Things I Ate in 2020 (While Living in Italy During the Pandemic)

Italian food

2020 wasn’t all terrible; despite everything, I ate very, very well!

It feels almost wrong to be glad about something this year when so many are suffering. I live in Italy, one of the hardest-hit countries during the pandemic, but am one of the fortunate few who has a secure, work-from-home job, no children to home-school, and, so far, has been untouched by the disease. That said, this year has not been without its challenges, and I think we all take comfort wherever we can. In a time where I can’t indulge in my favorite pastime of exploring Italy’s insane restaurant culture, delicious home-cooked meals have been my escape.

These were the best things I ate in 2020 (while living in Italy during the pandemic):

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