The Living. The Dead. The Return.

July 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

It took them six years to find me but by golly, they sure did find me. “Can the Dead REALLY come back to life?” asks this flier, dropped lovingly into my mailbox by the Italian Christian Right. Or, rather, I assume it was from the Italian Christian Right, as I didn’t actually read the thing. Because I already know the answer; the metaphorical answer, and that answer is, YES. THE (METAPHORICAL) DEAD CAN RISE.

The ex who keeps popping up again, like a fresh case of herpes.

Equitalia – just when you think you’ve settled all your tax disputes, here they come again.

And me. Humble pigeon eater, erstwhile blogger. Less nouveau expat stars in her eyes, more into food, language, and photography. More crotchety than ever after six years living in Italy!

Stick around. Be the herpes of this story.