On Saying Never

April 9, 2012 in Ex-Patriate Games

Hi there, my fine-feathered friends. Are you healthy? Are you eating well? Still with me? We haven’t talked in a while,  so you probably don’t know that I’ve started flying again.

Now relax, relax. I’m talking little flights, not big ones:

Don’t you worry, I’m not about to leave my beloved new electric mixer. I’ve started commuting is what I mean. Steady part-time job in Rome. Out of the house at 7:15 to catch the 07:32 train to Roma Termini, then back to Termini at 15:00 to get the train back to Culonia, to the bar, to the finish line of the novel. Good news on that front, which I’ll tell you as soon as I’ve finished telling you about the rest.