Seven Links, Seven Blogs

July 5, 2011 in spazarific

I’ve been nominated, I’ve been nominated! Nominated to take part in the 7 Blogs project, that is. This means that Barbara Weibel and tripbase - respectively, my gentle nominator and the mastermind behind the project – like me; that they really like me! My part in this project is simple. I may share with you “My 7 Links.”

The goal of this project is to help travel bloggers unearth what they consider to be their best posts; useful, poignant posts that may have been written long ago, perhaps before they had a readership; posts that perhaps deserve to be released back into the wilds of the internet. I’m beyond pleased to have been nominated, and really relish this chance to highlight some of my past posts. I’ve been pigeon eating for over five years now, and until about a year ago, only 5 people read what I wrote. I used to write about Japan. Then I wrote about Ireland. Sometimes I wrote about New York City, too. Now I write about Italy, but if you’re reading this post now, chances are you knew that already. You might not have known that I was once an English teacher in Japan who fielded molestation at the hands of children, struggling to learn Japanese and stuffing my face with as many negitoro onigiri as I could find. You might not have known that I was once a Creative Writing master’s student at Trinity College Dublin, feeling a chill down my spine each time I realized that Irish-English syntax was seeping into my speech. And you might not have known that in a former life, I was an editor at an advertising firm in New York City and absolutely hated my job. Well, now you might get to know. Without further ado, my seven links:

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