Nuns vs. Priests

Costumes observed here on Inishmore during Ted Fest 2010: Dozens of dowdy teapot-wielding Mrs. Doyles, gray-haired Father Teds, crusty-faced Father Jacks, and sweater vest-wearing Dougals. Hordes of priests and nuns – the apparent “go to” Ted Fest costume. Honestly, if you came to Inishmore this weekend and didn’t know about Ted Fest, you’d think this […]

You Can Take the Girl Out of Japan ….

… and she’ll still find a way to gorge herself on delicious Japanese food. Here, we have a cup of umeshu and the sashimi appetizer at Ukiyo on Exchequer Street : Followed by orders of kimchi, kimchi chigae, rice and bulgogi (which are, obviously, not Japanese, but that’s what we ate after the sashimi. 美味しいかった!) […]