What Stinks?

The great thing about apartment hunting with Sean is that we can discuss our thoughts in the relative privacy of the Japanese language. For obvious reasons, this wouldn’t have worked in Japan. And, sure, it could drastically backfire against us. 例えば: Realtor: And here you have the kitchen. Mind you, it’s part of the living […]

Lost in Conkers

Here over a week now in Ireland. Cups of tea sipped: 50. Rambler Bus Passes bought: 2. Trips into City Centre: 8. Excited peeks at the Christminster campus: 2. Signs seen hysterically manipulating Irish citizens to vote Yes or No on the Lisbon Treaty: countless. Apartments viewed: 7. Apartments found: 0. It’s an unsettled time, […]

American English to Irish English Dictionary: Part I

American English: Don’t you go in there! Irish English: You’re not to go in there! * American English: Do you want me to call the realtors? Irish English: Will I ring the lettings agent? * American English: He just graduated from college. Irish English: He’s just after graduating from university. * American English: Have a […]