The Next Big Thing

Time to update the ol’ Facebook Education Info: Crystal River High School, 1998 New York University, 2002. B.A. in English; B.A. in Physical Anthropology Trinity College 2010. Master’s of Philosophy in Creative Writing* *a.k.a, The Next Big Thing Come this August, I Eat My Pigeon: 私のハトを食べる New York Edition will flap its wings across the […]

Girls Girls Girls

I’ll tell you something else that I missed when I lived in Japan; something huge, bigger than cupcakes or couscous or Letterman or Marie’s Crisis. Women. I missed women. Or, more accurately, female friends – we had plenty of women prancing around Osaka, just none I was able to emotionally connect with until last few […]

Tango at Home

While I lived in Japan, my trips home tended to be exhausting marathons of breakfast, lunch and dinner dates. Rush, rush, rush, don’t leave anyone out. Pack every available time slot because the chance won’t come again for another year. Though these visits were always soul-nourishing, I invariably came away feeling somewhat disappointed. The disappointment […]