Fake Wallet

It’s 12:16 a.m. on Tuesday morning but Sean and I both feel like it’s Tuesday evening. He’s on my brother’s couch, eating from a bag of Herr’s mesquite-flavored potato chips and we’re watching Dustin Hoffman teasing the Letterman audience with a “dirty and true” story about his time filming Tootsie. Spill it, Dustin. Oh my. […]

The Mystery of the Ubiquitous and Radiant Train Station Ad Model

She’s everywhere. Serene and regal, her image stalks me from ad posters plastered all over the walls of almost every commuter train station I pass through. She’s always photographed against iconic Japanese backgrounds: a serene temple surrounded by deer and cherry blossom trees, a ryokan inn heated by the steam of a nearby hot spring. […]

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It’s been over  a week since I updated. This wouldn’t be unusual or upsetting except that I vowed to myself that I’d update more frequently due to my rapidly diminishing time in Japan. You know, lock in all those sensory details, brand names, annoying conversations, and daily humiliations before they start to fade. The doors […]