There is a hole in the left pocket of my black slacks and today several coins fell through it while I was teaching 7 year-olds. The children pounced, but I was faster.

Misette*!!” they demanded.

*Show it!

I offered a quick flash of a few 100 yen coins.

“Ehhhhh!!!” they screeched.

“Japanese money!!” cried Mia in English, stopping to translate for her less studied classmates: “Sensei has Japanese money!”

Well, what else would I have? I’m guessing the logic there is that since I’m non-Japanese, I would naturally have non-Japanese money. Would that my nickels and dimes were worth something here … I suspect MegaMacs would be all they’d buy.

If Mia ever remembers her assumption when she’s older, she might giggle at it. I, however, am giggling at it now. Silly Mia!

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