Mmmm ….

Several lists – an accidental advertisement of sorts, created for my comfort during an idle shift at work: WESTERN FOODS I MISS AND CAN’T GET HERE Gray’s Papaya Hot Dogs Claussen Dill Pickles Yonah Shimmel’s Knishes Gabila Knishes Dojo’s carrot and tahini salad dressing Canada Dry Mandarin-flavored seltzer Oreo cookie milkshakes Chef Boyardee Beefaroni Stove […]

One, Two, Three … WHORE!: Part Ni

Just for you, P-Jay …We here at my English school not only categorize typical Japanese pronunciation mistakes (See “One, Two, Three … WHORE!”: Part Ichi) but sometimes we discover brand new ones. Today I taught my class of adorable, wriggly 2 year-olds again. Kazuki, the wriggliest of them all, bumped his nose on the folding […]